Thankyou for visitng my Website, here you can find all my artwork to buy, both created digitally or as original acrylic, oils or watercolour paintings.  All my work is available to buy as a Canvas or Poster prints. Prints available of all original artworks printed on demand direct from me!

Check out the places I wil be this year, and more information on the Gallery i the garage this May.

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and get a 25% off your first painting, to add to your collection, and as part of this art circle you will get first looks, early access & special behind the scenes of my creative process.

Now you can preserve that one moment when your cat, dog, hamster or horse does something cute, cunning or cantankerous, with a pet painting. When we say goodbye to our fur baby as they walk across the rainbow bridge, we want to immortalise their face and see them every day. 

Samantha Biddle, Artist

Who creates this Art?

Hello there, I’m a professional artist based in the enchanting vicinity of Salisbury, just a stone’s throw from the legendary Stonehenge.

Forty years ago, if you told me I’d be a professional artist, I wouldn’t have believed you, but life has a funny way of steering us toward our true passions. My artistic journey has taken me across the globe, allowing me to explore and create in diverse corners of the world Teaching and inspiring others along the way.

However, a challenging bone condition began to limit my globe-trotting adventures. Yet, it was a blessing in disguise, as it gave me the opportunity to fully embrace  my art and creativity.  My latest series of paintings is an ode to resilience and the human spirit. Inspired by the words,

“Find the strength to overcome obstacles. Find the wisdom to make smart decisions. Find it in your heart to act with compassion. Find the courage to move beyond fears. And, let your dreams, visions, and goals guide you.”

Behind the Scenes

Unveiling Hope: An Artist’s Triumph Over Adversity

"Spectrums of Hope" is more than just an art series; it's a narrative woven from the threads of resilience, struggle, and the unyielding spirit of survival. As the artist behind this series, my journey is interlaced with each brushstroke, colour choice, and symbolic...

From pots to portraits

As I sat down to pen my artistic journey for, it dawned on me just how eclectic my path has been. From unexpected turns to serendipitous detours, my life's adventure is a story I'm excited to unfold for you. Join me as I trace the steps that led me to...

Secrets Behind Lifelike Pet Portraits

 Secrets Behind Lifelike Pet PortraitsWhen it comes to pet portraits, the magic lies in capturing not just the physical appearance but the very essence of our beloved animals. Each stroke of the brush, each blend of colour, brings us closer to immortalising their...

The Secret Behind the Message in a bottle

Art meets activism.A Heartwarming Tale of Art, Oceans, and an Unforgettable Father-Daughter ReunionImagine if you will, a world where islands float on corks and octopuses are the smartest chaps in the room. Welcome to 'Message in a Bottle' - not your average Sunday...

Canvas and Pixels: Unraveling the Tapestry of Modern Artistry – Part 2

This isn't just a sequel; it's a journey into the heart of contemporary artistryCelebrating the old, the new, and the wonderfully blended in-between. This enlightening sequel to our previous exploration into the question; "Is the joy of creation, no matter what the...

Canvas and Pixels: Embracing Art in All Its Forms Part 1

Is the joy of creation, no matter what the medium, important?In a world where the swish of a brush on canvas competes with the sleek glide of an Apple Pencil on an iPad, one might wonder, "Is the joy of creation, no matter what the medium, important?” Today, I invite...

Tails of Perfection: Fine-Tuning Your Pet’s Portrait with Grace

Crafting the Ideal Pet Portrait TogetherNavigating the Artistic Journey of Pet Portrait Perfection Imagine this: you've just commissioned a portrait of your beloved pet, but something's amiss. Perhaps the depiction doesn't quite capture the sparkle in your pet's eyes,...

View from a distance

Embracing the Big Picture In the digital age, the way we view art, especially personalised pieces like pet portraits, has transformed drastically. Often, we're given a digital glimpse of our commissioned artwork through our phone screens, tempting us to zoom in and...

Its been a ride!

Explore ‘It’s Been a Ride,’ a heartfelt blog by Sam, as she shares her journey through love’s challenges and artistic inspiration. A story of resilience, creativity, and the unbreakable human spirit.”

Navigating the NFT Scam

Oh, the NFT scam saga, it’s like the digital version of “beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.” You’re spreading happiness and laughter with your pet and animal art, and those scammers just want to rain on your parade. These sneaky folks approach artists with compliments and then try to pull a fast one. It’s a bit like trying to pet a dog who turns out to be a cardboard cutout – definitely not what I signed up for.
Today, I want to discuss a topic that’s unfortunately become all too familiar in the art world: NFT scams on Instagram.

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