Original Art

Mixed media, acrylic or water colour.

'Garden' Digital Art on canvas, Art by Samantha

Original Art

Paintings on canvas in acrylic in various sizes. 

Water colour art  in various sizes 

Mixed media in various sizes. 


Who Created These?

Samantha Biddle

I’m a Creative who helps others find their artistic mojo, I have been teaching art and design super skills to nail professionals worldwide, yes seriously all over the world, there are men and women who paint fingernails with intricate works of art, and I get to teach them.

That is my day job, my alter ego is a digital art ninja. Working with my iPad and pencil wasn’t how I started. I started creating art using pixels and hex codes way back before the turn of the century…sadly I am that old.

Venturing out and sharing is some scary kind of shit, because each piece has some emotional intention behind it. Don’t ask me what, but there is some truth behind the words ‘it comes from the heart.’

Want something different?

Do you like what you see, but want something special for your space? I specialise in unique! Whether it’s for a commercial or residential space, all you need to do is get in touch, we can discuss your concepts.

This is digital art, it’s endlessly flexible. I can adapt an existing artwork, create something completely bespoke, or just produce an amazingly massive image for you. Please get in touch, firstly sending me a brief description of your ideas, and the size and style of the space – attaching photos if at all possible.

Thanks Sam x

Sam Biddle

Email sam@artbysamantha.co.uk

Call or text 07828 881029

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