Embracing the Struggle

My Journey from Teaching to Learning.

Embarking on an Artistic Growth Journey can transform challenges into stepping stones for improvement. This tale from teaching to learning anew in art illustrates just that.

In a previous life, I was a teacher. Unlike my daughter who teaches kids, I taught adults, and it took me all over the world. I loved that job, especially when I saw people finally understand something new. Back then, I focused on miniature art, teaching on tiny canvases. That seems like a lifetime ago, and I’m bringing it up now because I’ve recently started an art course. Not because I need to learn the basics of art, but because I want to improve and find my own style. Join me on my Artistic Growth Journey, a path from teaching to a quest for continuous learning in art, embracing each challenge along the way

This morning, I wrote in my journal about the struggles I’m facing in this course. It’s frustrating to work on lessons that feel so far from what I usually enjoy painting. Dealing with failures and being overly critical of my work has made me question if this effort is worth it. I’ve thought about quitting and trying to figure things out on my own.

Understanding Artistic Growth

But then I remember something important a tutor told me during my teaching training. I had just been critiqued on a lesson and was feeling like the training was draining the joy out of teaching for me. I complained about how everything that used to be enjoyable was now overshadowed by lesson planning and other tasks.

She told me something I’ll never forget: the joy and passion for what you do can come back. After going through these challenges, you’ll understand your craft better, have a stronger foundation, and be more confident. Those words are a lifeline for me now as I navigate this course. I’m trying to see these struggles as wins because they’re what will make me a better artist.

There are days filled with doubt, making me wonder why I’m even doing this. But then I remember that it’s not just about what I’m doing, but how I’m doing it that counts.

Sure, my attempts at drawing perspectives in charcoal are a disaster—I’m an artist who prefers animals, not the canals of Venice. But it’s these challenges that make the journey worthwhile.

To anyone else going through something tough, remember that growth often comes from struggle. We’re all continuously learning and trying to improve. Let’s support each other in this journey, keeping it real and moving forward together.

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