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At WhimsiSketch, we believe that every pet has a story to tell and a personality that’s worth celebrating. With a custom Pet Portraits Poems you can to transform your cherished memories and the quirks that make your pet unique into captivating art and poetry.

Sam & Jon Biddle

Custom Pet Portrait & Poems

*Whimsical Artistry:**

I design our black and white sketches with a pop of color to captivate the eye and the heart. With careful attention to detail, we bring out the essence of your pet, making their character come alive on paper. The result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind black and white pencil sketch  that brings your pet’s unique personality to life.


**Personalised Poetry:**

Beyond the art, Jon will compose a personalised poem that speaks to your pet’s adventures, antics, and the deep bond you share. These custom poems add a touch of emotion and storytelling to the artistry.


A Perfect Gift or Remembrance

 Whether you’re looking for a special gift to delight a pet owner or a heartfelt keepsake to remember a beloved pet, our creations are the perfect choice.

These Custom Pet Portraits & Poems serve as timeless reminders of the joy and companionship that pets bring into our lives.

Choose Whimsi-Sketch Pets & Poems to turn your pet’s unique personality into a work of art and poetry that you’ll treasure forever. It’s not just a portrait; it’s a celebration of the furry friend who holds a special place in your heart.

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Custom Pet Portraits Poems

**How it Works:**
1. **Submit Your Pet:** Start by providing us with a good quality photo of your pet. This will be the reference for Sam.
2. **Share the Stories:** Tell us the heartwarming facts and fun stories that make your pet unique. This could be their quirky habits, memorable adventures, or the moments that have touched your heart.
3. **The Magic Begins:** `We will work together to create for you a personalized sketch and poem that celebrate your pet’s individuality.
4. **Receive Your Masterpiece:** We’ll send you a digital proof of the artwork and poem for your approval. Once you’re delighted with the result, we’ll send you a high-quality print that you can cherish forever.

**Perfect for Gifts or Keepsakes:**
Whether you’re searching for a thoughtful gift for a fellow pet lover or seeking a special keepsake to remember your own furry family member, our personalized pet sketch and poem is the perfect choice. It’s a reminder of the joy, love, and laughter that pets bring into our lives.

**Capture Your Pet’s Essence Today:**
Don’t miss the opportunity to immortalize your pet in a way that’s as unique and heartwarming as they are. Let us turn your pet’s story into a work of art and poetry. Order your personalized pet sketch and poem today and treasure the bond you share with your furry companion forever.

Frames not included in the purchase. your Whimsi-Sketch Print will arrive mounted and signed on the back.

Choose from one of our most popular breeds

Discover the charm and character of your favorite dog breeds with our Breed-Specific Pet Sketch and Poem collection. These delightful artworks and poems capture the essence of some of the most popular breeds, making them perfect for gifting or adorning your own space.

**Why Choose Breed-Specific Art:**
– **Ideal for Gifting:** Whether you’re searching for a thoughtful present for a fellow dog lover or want to bring a touch of your favorite breed into your home, these artworks make for cherished gifts.
– **Affordable Elegance:** These breed-specific pet sketches and poems offer a more budget-friendly option for art enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of different dog breeds.
– **Ready to Display:** Each piece comes ready for framing or gifting, making it easy to add a touch of canine charm to any space.

**Collect Your Favorite Breeds:**
Explore our collection and choose from a variety of popular breeds, from the loyal Labrador to the graceful Greyhound. Each breed-specific pet sketch and poem is a charming addition to your decor and a reminder of the unique qualities of these beloved dogs.

**Order Yours Today:**
Add a touch of canine elegance to your life or surprise a dog lover with a thoughtful gift. Explore our Breed-Specific Pet Sketch and Poem collection and discover the beauty and charm of your favorite dog breeds.

Frames not included in the purchase. your Whimsi-Sketch Print will arrive mounted and signed on the back.


In the realm of tails and wiggles, meet Zues, so spry and true, A Sprocker’s heart, with loyalty, a bond that ever grew.

He loves his cuddles, warm and sweet, a faithful furry friend, With every wag of his joyful tail, he’s there until the end.

A parkour specialist, he is, in his own playful way, When visitors arrive, he’ll leap and spin, in welcome’s grand display.

Bounding over benches, leaping high with zest, Zeus, the agile athlete, always stands out from the rest.

At the top of the garden, where the tomatoes bloom so bright, Zeus can’t resist their vibrant red, a tempting, tasty bite.

When Mum and Dad aren’t looking, with a sneaky, stealthy grace, He’ll snatch a juicy treasure, a garden tomato chase.

Through seasons changing, Zeus remains, a steadfast, loyal mate, In his warm embrace, all troubles fade, it’s never too late.

So here’s to Zeus, the Sprocker’s name, in cuddles, leaps, and fun, A four-legged friend whose love shines bright, like the morning sun.


In curls of brown, a Cockapoo’s delight,
With Springer’s spirit, wild and bright.
Meet this bonkers bundle of energy, so grand,
A furry friend who’ll steal your heart’s command.

When he greets you, it’s a joyful whirl,
His wiggles and wags, they never unfurl.
A ball of boundless, contagious glee,
In his presence, you can’t help but see.

His eyes, like honey pools so deep,
In that chocolate mop, secrets they keep.
A love so pure, without a doubt,
In those gaze, there’s no room for drought.

But Malakas, his newest best friend,
Together, their adventures never end.
They chase and play, a dynamic pair,
In their bond, you’ll find love everywhere.

Beneath the high chair, a sneaky trick,
A sly little feeder, never missing a pick.
He knows where the crumbs will land,
A gourmet scavenger, his secret plan.
In this bonkers, curly, loving spree,

He’s a friend, a jester, for all to see.
With eyes of honey, heart so true,
This furry marvel, we cherish you.


Sunny, a Cockapoo, with curls so bright,
A heart as warm as the morning light.
Gentle and kind, by his mum’s side he’ll stay
Feet in the day, and night, a sneaky getaway.

He loves a cuddle, especially at four,
When the day’s burdens, he’ll gently restore.
But after a walk, this cheeky little guy,
Is not so sunny, you can’t deny.

Rolling in things, not very sweet,
Fox poo’s his favorite, it’s quite a feat.
But any smelly treasure will do,
For this mischievous dog, it’s all part of the brew.

Yet, his spirit remains friendly and kind,
With pup friends, he’ll play, his heart entwined.
Sunny by name, and by disposition, too,
Bringing warmth and love, in all that he’ll do.

Curls of sunshine, heart of gold,
A companion whose love, never grows old.
Sunny, the Cockapoo, our ray of light,
In his presence, the world feels just right.

Sam & Jon

A Tale of Love, Creativity, and Furry Inspirations

-Hello, we are Jon and Sam Biddle, and our story is a testament to the enduring power of love and creativity. Childhood sweethearts turned lifelong partners, we’ve embarked on an artistic journey together that celebrates the unique bonds between people and their beloved pets.

 **Meet Jon Biddle – The Wordsmith:** Jon has built a renowned career as an author, specialising in crafting pulse-pounding medical thrillers that have kept readers on the edge of their seats. With six novels and a trove of novellas to his name, his writing typically explores the shadowy realms of suspense, evoking sleepless nights and heart-pounding fear.

However, in an unexpected twist of creativity, Jon is now venturing into the world of poetry and heartwarming tales. Inspired by the furry companions who bring boundless joy to our lives, he’s discovering a new facet of his craft. These tales, filled with whimsy and wonder, capture the unique magic of pets in a way that only Jon can.

Teaming up with his artistic partner and muse Sam, Jon’s tough exterior unveils a softer side. Together, they’ve unlocked his ability to craft poems that soothe and touch the heart. It’s akin to seeing a big, tough guy strolling alongside a miniature poodle, seamlessly blending strength with tenderness in his words.

 **Meet Sam Biddle – The Artist:** Sam’s artistry knows no bounds. Whether she’s delicately painting portraits in watercolour or experimenting with vibrant acrylic mixed media, her creations come to life on canvas. However, her true passion lies in capturing the essence of pets through her unique “Whimsi-Sketch Pets & Poems” venture. She brings pets to life with enchanting sketches and vibrant splashes of color, paired with personalised poems that speak to their individuality.

**Empty Nesters, Full Hearts:** As empty nesters with 35 years of marriage behind us, we’ve found renewed purpose in following our creative paths. Our shared love for animals and storytelling led us to this wonderful endeavour, where we celebrate the furry family members who bring warmth and laughter into homes.

**WhimsiSketch Pets & Poems** is our labor of love. It’s a marriage of Jon’s poetic words and Sam’s captivating art, born out of our deep love for each other and the pets who’ve been a constant source of comfort and companionship throughout our journey.

Join us as we bring pets to life on paper and canvas, one sketch, one poem, and one wagging tail at a time. It’s not just about art; it’s about celebrating the unique connections we share with our four-legged friends.

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