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Original Oils, Watercolours & Digital Art

Welcome to my Portfolio

This is my World of Originality and Creativity

Dive into my digital portfolio where art comes to life in vibrant oils, delicate watercolors, and cutting-edge digital creations. This gallery is your gateway to a diverse collection of my original artworks, each telling a unique story through its medium.

Experience the Essence of My Artistic Journey:

  • Original Oils: Discover the richness of colors and textures in my oil paintings, available in a variety of sizes to suit your space.
  • Watercolor Wonders: Be captivated by the fluidity and subtlety of my watercolor pieces, presented on high-quality 300 grm paper.
  • Digital Artistry: Explore the modern touch of my digital art, a blend of technology and traditional aesthetics.

From serene landscapes and spirited animal portraits to the abstract allure of my Time Series and whimsical Doodle artworks, each piece is a window into my artistic soul. Perfect for enhancing your home, office, or garden, or as a heartfelt gift for someone special.

Have questions or looking for something custom? Feel free to reach out.

For prints of these original masterpieces, simply click the button below to explore your options.

Join my

and get a 25% off your first painting, to add to your collection, and as part of this art circle you will get first looks, early access & special behind the scenes of my creative process.

Want something different?

Do you like what you see, but want something special for your space? I specialise in unique! Whether it’s for a commercial or residential space, all you need to do is get in touch, we can discuss your concepts.

This is digital art, it’s endlessly flexible. I can adapt an existing artwork, create something completely bespoke, or just produce an amazingly massive image for you. Please get in touch, firstly sending me a brief description of your ideas, and the size and style of the space – attaching photos if at all possible.

Thanks Sam x

Sam Biddle


Call or text 07828 881029

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