The Journey Behind "Spectrums of Hope"

“Spectrums of Hope” is more than just an art series; it’s a narrative woven from the threads of resilience, struggle, and the unyielding spirit of survival. As the artist behind this series, my journey is interlaced with each brushstroke, colour choice, and symbolic animals that graces each canva. This series is a reflection of my personal battles and triumphs, from surviving cancer to navigating the challenges of a chronic back condition and the unpredictable path of financial and professional hurdles. Through “Spectrums of Hope,” I channel my deepest emotions and experiences, offering a piece of my soul to the world.

The Essence of the Series

At the heart of “Spectrums of Hope” lies the resilience of women, portrayed through the symbolism of animals and the vibrant spectrum of colours. Each artwork in the series is a testament to the power of overcoming adversity, with hidden meanings layered beneath the surface for the viewer to uncover and interpret through their own lens.

My Personal Journey

My battle with cancer was a pivotal point in my life, teaching me the value of every moment and the strength that lies in vulnerability. The fight left scars but also a wellspring of hope and a deeper appreciation for life’s fragility and beauty. However, the challenges didn’t end with cancer. I’ve been navigating a debilitating chronic back condition, which has not only tested my physical resilience but also my mental and emotional fortitude.

The journey through financial instability and business mishaps has been equally taxing. Entrepreneurial ventures are fraught with risks, and I’ve faced my share of missteps and hurdles. Yet, these experiences have been invaluable lessons in perseverance, teaching me that every failure is a stepping stone to growth.

Finding Expression Through Art

Art has been my sanctuary, a means to express the complexities of my journey. “Spectrums of Hope” is my way of communicating not just my struggles, but also the beauty that can emerge from pain. Each piece is an invitation to the viewer to find their own meaning and solace, reflecting the universal experience of overcoming hardships.

Through this series, I celebrate not only my survival but the collective resilience of those who face their battles, be it health-related, financial, or personal. It’s a tribute to the strength we find in our most vulnerable moments, and the hope that guides us through the darkness.


“Spectrums of Hope” is more than an art series; it’s a journey of survival, hope, and the indomitable spirit of the human condition. As a cancer survivor with ongoing health challenges and financial hurdles, I’ve poured my heart and soul into this work, embracing every moment of my life and family. This series is an expression of the deeper part of me, offering a glimpse into the resilience and beauty that lies within struggles. I invite you to explore “Spectrums of Hope,” to find your own story within mine, and to share in the hope that resonates through each piece.

Join me in this exploration of hope and resilience, and let’s find beauty in the spectrum of our shared experiences.

This series is still in development, and so each new piece will be a new chapter.


This painting  captures the essence of transformation through the emblematic black horse, a beacon of new beginnings and resilience. Set in a landscape on the brink of change, this abstract realism oil painting invites you to explore the cycle of life and the promise of new dawns amidst the contrasts of light and darkness.

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Autumns Whisper

In this sacred space, the fox emerges as a symbol of wisdom and adaptability, embodying resilience in the face of adversity. Against the backdrop of vibrant colours, each shade holds a sacred meaning within the spectrum of hope. Earthy tones ground us, offering stability amidst life’s trials, while vibrant red berries symbolise the vitality and fiery spirit that fuels resilience. Teal and lilac hues whisper of spiritual healing and inner peace, guiding the woman through moments of doubt towards a brighter tomorrow.

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Magenta Meadows

This artwork is a celebration of the mystical dance of life, a visual poem that captures the essence of spring’s rebirth and the timeless wisdom of the natural world. Let it be a window to the soul, a mirror reflecting the beauty of the unseen, and a constant reminder of the magic that flourishes in the quiet corners of our world.

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Name not known – work in progress

Inspired by the symbolic depth of the fox, an emblem of cunning adaptability and insightful guidance, “Whispers” captures a moment of quiet reflection. The painting vividly portrays a solitary fox, intricately detailed, looking upwards, embodying a sense of longing and contemplation. This poignant scene is nestled within an abstract garden of dreams, where red poppies flourish against a backdrop of deep teal, suggesting a journey through the depths of the soul and the mysteries of the subconscious.



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