Unlikely Friendships

Let me tell you a story about Ann, a nearly 80-year-old spritely Scottish lady who accosted me out on my drive last year, with her little perky Pomeranian Paddy in tow.

Let me tell you a story about Ann, a nearly 80-year-old spritely Scottish lady who accosted me out on my drive last year, with her little perky Pomeranian Paddy in tow, she said. “who is it that paints these pet portraits’ As I stood there in my socks, just having nipped out to grab something from the car, I glanced down at the sign on the side of the car and realising how on earth she knew, said “I do”. She says “Well I have been wondering about getting Paddy painted for a while now, I keep pacing your car and see the sign”. 

She was the first of many people who have stopped me because of my £40 magnetic sign on the side of my car. One which my children (now adults) mocked me for I might add). But she is the only one whom I walk with every day, and we set the world to rights. Both with our walking sticks, as we wonder across the fields. I think, how my life has changed from just a year ago, when sharing my space with anyone, let alone a little old lady would be a big fat No. Isolated in my office with a diary packed with to do’s, all I wanted was this life. 

It’s funny, last night my husband came home from work and said ‘ I have to nip over to a friend’s house tomorrow, he has a cordless drill I can have. Just last week, he told me he wanted one, and I said, well add it to the list of other things, we can’t afford to buy right now. He put it out there, just like the caravan and this life, and we have received it. I am not sure if you believe in Cosmic ordering, or even have heard about “the secret” but manifesting what you wish for (good or bad) certainly works. I wished for this life, and here it is. What I learned along the way was to not try to manipulate how or even wonder the mechanics of it, just to believe it will happen. 

Anyway, back to Ann, here she is, with her portrait, and yes she stops everyone, and tells them about paddy’s painting. I even made her a little key ring with his painting on it, you know shrink paper stuff you can pop in the oven and it makes a mini version of whatever you have printed on it. 


She cried when she saw the painting, and now it is hanging up in her living space, thanks to Mr B. 

It is these stories, and people that make everything worthwhile. The moments I used to celebrate pale into insignificance, when you meet so many dogs (and cat) owners who adore their fur friends like I do.

I was walking with her today, and I mentioned I was writing a newsletter this morning, and not sure what to include. She suggested our story, how she and I are now firm and very unlikely friends, and that she is delighted and so thankful for Paddy’s portrait. 

So here I am sharing her story, and paddy’s of course, a little Irish rescue dog who is now 14. 

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