The Drift factor

Have you ever heard of the term the ‘Drift Factor’? It’s not a new gameshow or Fast & Furious movie, It is when a creative, an artist, an author or a musician, follows a path which takes them away from their destiny. 

So instead of spending my days and nights capturing the world around me on my iPad, creating art for the love of it.

To earn a living, I will instead have to do a commercial piece, a commission or another hustle on the side, creating for them rather than for me. Or my husband, who instead of writing his next novel will have to write ad copy, or blog posts for others.  The intention is to pay your way through your creative process, but in reality you are allowing yourself to drift further and further away from your goals.

Now, I am all over signs and messages from the divine, whether you call it religion or spirituality it means the same thing to me, we are all guided in some way to follow our true path. But I am learning that we as humans blessed with free will, we tend to deviate away from what we are destined to do. I call it shiny thing syndrome, we are attracted by glitter and bright lights, instead of the work that calls to us. I mean, isn’t that why they call it a calling? Should we be resolute and dedicated, and if we are, would we be successful quicker?

So tell me what you would do instead of what you do now? If you didn’t have to work for money, what would be your purpose? Your goal?

Have you experienced the ‘Drift Factor?’ Because I know I have. I would love to know I the comments.

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