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when commisioning pet portrait

Terms and Conditions for Commissioning a Portrait with Sam Biddle

  1. Initial Consultation: Before beginning the portrait, we will have a detailed consultation to understand your vision and preferences for the artwork. This will include discussing the subject, style, colour palette, and any specific requests you have in mind.

  2. Creative Process and Artistic Integrity: As an artist, I value the creative journey each portrait undertakes. My goal is to capture the essence and personality of the subject, respecting the artistic process which sometimes evolves organically. I welcome your input and ideas as they are integral to creating a piece that resonates with you.

  3. Limit on Changes: To ensure the integrity and timely completion of the artwork, I am open to suggestions and changes during the creation process. However, I kindly limit these changes to two major revisions. This helps maintain the artistic direction and focus of the piece.

  4. Reflective Engagement: I encourage you, as the client, to reflect on your initial request and the evolving portrait. This helps in aligning expectations and appreciating the artistic journey of the piece. Your engagement and feedback are valuable in creating a portrait that is both meaningful and artistically fulfilling.

  5. Completion and Approval: Once the portrait reaches its completion stage, I will present it to you for final approval. At this stage, minor adjustments can be made, but the overall composition and style will remain as is, celebrating the journey of the artwork.

  6. Future Projects and Commissions: Looking forward, I am always excited to discuss future projects. If there are new ideas or styles you wish to explore in future commissions, I am more than happy to incorporate them into new artworks.

By commissioning a portrait with me, you agree to these terms, ensuring a collaborative and fulfilling artistic process.

When Commisioning any other peice of work similar terms apply where relevent. 


We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms & conditions from time to time.
First published 5th July 2021.

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