Lunar Trio: The Enchanted Hares Canvas Print


Dive into the whimsical realm with our “Lunar Trio: The Enchanted Hares” canvas print, where the mystical allure of the moonlit night comes alive. This exclusive artwork merges the essence of curiosity, joy, and contemplation through the captivating depiction of WhiskerWit, StarBound, and SolaceSeeker. Rendered with exquisite detail on high-quality canvas, this piece invites you into a world where the moon whispers secrets to those willing to listen.

This is sold as a complete painting, but if one hare resonates with you and you would prefer an individual print or as a triptych then please check out this product listing.


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This digital painting, rendered through Procreate and available on canvas, captures the profound essence and symbolism of hares, intertwining these with a personal narrative of renewal and transformation. Each hare within this artwork represents unique facets of human nature—WhiskerWit, StarBound, and SolaceSeeker—reflecting the diverse aspects of our psyche and spiritual evolution.

WhiskerWit, with ears pricked and alert, embodies the cautious yet inquisitive side of human nature. Named for its keen instinct and intelligent, ever-alert disposition, WhiskerWit symbolises our natural skepticism and the quest for truth. This hare encourages us to navigate life's uncertainties with heightened awareness and curiosity, mirroring the hare's role in seeking truth and understanding.

StarBound encapsulates the unbridled enthusiasm and ecstasy of creative discovery. This hare's name reflects a boundless energy and a passionate leap towards inspiration, akin to reaching for the stars. StarBound's vibrant spirit resonates with artists and creatives who find themselves spellbound by the muse's light, embodying the fertility symbolism of the hare, which suggests an overflowing wellspring of creativity and inspiration.

SolaceSeeker portrays the contemplative and introspective journey, finding peace and solace in the moon's serene glow. This hare represents the quiet, reflective phase of personal growth, echoing the lunar symbolism associated with intuition and rebirth. SolaceSeeker invites us to embrace the tranquil moments of solitude, reflecting on our place in the cosmos and the introspective path towards self-understanding.

Together, these hares—WhiskerWit, StarBound, and SolaceSeeker—navigate the landscape of human emotion and spiritual quest. They embody the essence of the hare in pagan symbolism: fertility, intuition, and the cycle of renewal. This triptych stands as a testament to the transformative power of art, echoing the interconnectedness of nature, spirituality, and human creativity.

It's a celebration of the enduring symbolism of hares across cultures, from their revered status in Celtic mythology to their embodiment of growth and renewal. This digital canvas, reflecting a personal journey of transformation, invites viewers to ponder the multidimensional aspects of their nature, urging an embrace of both the wildly creative and deeply introspective in the continual quest for understanding and growth.

Key Features:

    • Premium Quality Canvas: High-grade canvas material ensures durability and the best visual experience.
    • Vibrant Colors: Utilising advanced printing techniques for vivid and lasting colours.
    • Ready to Hang: Comes stretched and ready to brighten any room.
    • Artist Signed: Each print is personally signed by the artist, ensuring its authenticity and unique connection.
    • Exclusive Artwork: Own a piece of unique digital art featuring the enchanting trio of hares, symbolising curiosity, joy, and contemplation.
    • Size Options: Available in various sizes to fit perfectly in any space.

Product Details:

  • **Material Options:** Choose from high-quality canvas for a textured, gallery feel or fine art paper for crisp, vivid details.
  • **Size Variations:** Available in multiple sizes to fit your space perfectly.
  • **Framing:** Optional custom framing available upon request, ensuring your print is ready to enchant any room.

Framing Option (Available for Both Canvas and Paper Prints)

Enhance your print with our custom framing option. Available upon request for any size, our frames are carefully selected to complement the artwork, adding an extra layer of sophistication and making it ready to adorn your walls.

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