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Lesson 2

iPad art 🎨 Digital Drawing 🛶Lesson 2

Now that you have completed lesson 1, we can move into more advanced aspects of procreate. We will also be creating a sea scape in this lesson. Click the yellow button below to attend this LIVE lesson. 

Lesson 2

Book your spot on this second class, you will learn more about Procreate and how to create seacpes using your ipad.

Learn perspective, some of the specialist tools, and how to create your own brushes.

Learn how to mask and create depth.

2/5 lessons in this series. You will receive a confirmation email after you book, and a zoom link before the next class starts. 

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The next Lessons


Lesson 3 visits textures and perspectives, we will look at how to capture the details in open spaces. Working in detail, this is a different style of landscape.


CLASS DATE 22nd April 2pm


Animals marks the start of our expert lessons, we will tackle the complexity and intricacies of fur. With what we have learned from previous lessons around creating the fluidity of movement and detailing. We will expand on these to create the image of a dog.

CLASS DATE 24th April 9am


Our final lesson tackles one of the most difficult subjects to draw, Portraits. Using all you have learned from previous lessons we will look at how to draw a face with step by step guides to features that come together to make a face.



Who’s going to show you how.

Hi! I’m Sam Biddle. I help others find their artistic mojo and I have been teaching art and design super skills to nail professionals worldwide.

That’s my day job, my alter ego is a digital art ninja. Working with my iPad and pencil wasn’t how I started. I started creating art using pixels and hex codes way back before the turn of the century…sadly I am that old.

Now you’re in luck, because I’ve been there, done that, and come back to show you how. So Grab your Ipad and lets get started.

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