Balance PAyment for your Pet Portrait


Thank you so much for trusting me with your portrait, Please find the payment link below to pay the balance.

As soon as I received the payment I shall get it shipped to you.

Pet Portraits Balance – £225

  • Your portrait will be shipped mounted. (not framed)
  • If you would like me to arrange for it to be framed, I can do so at an additional cost. Please email me for more details on
  • Please note that I can’t ship any framed portraits with glass, however i can arrange for Plexi glass to be in your frame.
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I have some Answers to your Questions!

We all have questions, and I can answer them via email if you want to contact me before booking your portrait. my email address is;

But in the mean time here are some A’s to your Q’s which might help.

Tell me more about your pet!

10 + 13 =

What happens if I don’t like the portrait?

You don’t have to pay the balance, I will use the portrait in my social and online promotions so all is not lost.

Is the deposit refundable?

Deposit is non-refundable, especially if I have started the work, however if the reason is agreeable, I would prefer you to leave this experience happy, and I will return the deposit. I keep your deposit in a separate account, and if I can’t do the portrait for any reason, I will refund it.

Why do you need to pay a deposit at all?

This covers the cost of any materials I have used and time and the planning of the portrait for you. I take about 2-3 days to complete a panting, and longer for an original canvas. My hourly rate is negligible. A deposit shows a commitment by you in this process, and an agreement between the both of us. I am not a gigantic business, and it is just me and your pet. Everything is hand drawn and not computer generated. Sadly, the deposit results from other people’s actions. If there is no reply once I completed the painting, that is 3 days away from someone else’s pet portrait. I am sure you understand.

I look forward to meeting your pet.

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