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Welcome to my Pet Portrait Gallery!

Dive into the world of vibrant and heartfelt pet artistry here at Art by Samantha.

Each piece in this gallery captures the essence and personality of our furry friends, immortalising them in stunning watercolours and digital art.

From the playful spark in their eyes to their unique quirks, these portraits are more than just paintings – they are a celebration of the love we share with our pets. Browse through this collection and feel the passion and care infused in every brushstroke. Whether you’re considering a custom portrait of your beloved pet or just admiring the art, we hope you find joy and inspiration in each creation.

Great process from start to finish. We have been looking for someone to do a portrait of our 3 Springers for a while and we are extremely happy to have come across Sam at the New Forest Show. The detail in the watercolour portrait is exquisite and we have no hesitation in recommending her.

Andrew Potter

Sam’s painting of our 2 cats 🐱 has been excellent. During the process we worked together to achieve a lovely outcome using a number of photos as a basis.

Sarah Butler

Stunning portrait for my mum of her beloved cat Baggy, Sam really captured her spirit and worked closely with me to make it the perfect gift. Highly recommended.

Francesca Prior

Really pleased with the painting of our two beautiful girls! Sam has captured their likeness perfectly, and kept us updated throughout the process with snapshots and short videos showing her progress.
We now have a wonderful lasting memory of them that we will treasure always.

Steve Lloyd

The portrait Sam did of our cocker spaniel is wonderful and such a special present. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her 🙂

Kathleen Cousins

So happy with our beautiful pet portrait. Sam created a masterpiece far beyond our expectations. Loved seeing the updates throughout the process and would highly recommend Sam, so talented and a truly lovely lady.

Hayley Kirby

Maya’s Portrait

Sam is able to capture the real features and natural looks of your pet, and really enjoys her work. The finished painting of our Maya was stunning!


Have you lost your fur friend.

When your best friend leaves you.

Sometimes a photo is not enough, and want to imortilise our pets, and sometimes we have that one photo of you both together which is filled with love. Let me paint this for you. Get in touch and we can discuss how to create this with or without the rainbow.


Gee Gee’s Story

Her home town is Weymouth and Gregg and Glen from The Bedford Guest House,  

In Weymouth Dorset, commissioned me to paint her at her favourite location in the harbour. I did this in Watercolour and gouache. It is A3, and will fit an A2 frame.

Words can not begin to explain how much my heart is bursting right now! I reached out to the incredibly talented beautiful Sam Biddle after my handsome Toby passed away just over a week ago. I knew I wanted a painting of Toby to remind myself and my family that life is truly precious and not to worry about the little unnecessary things life throws at you. Toby was always by my side when I wasnt feeling myself and looked at me as if to say “everything is absolutely fine mum,stop stressing and hug me”

Sam has captured that expression more than I could ever think was possible. I’m beyond grateful and honestly can’t thank you enough for helping me heal plus our conversations that we have had.

thank you thank you thank you!

Scarlett Senter

I had been meaning to have a portrait done of our Frenchie’s for some time, and our 10th wedding anniversary seemed a perfect opportunity, however I left it till the last minute. So tricky to find a suitable artist, one that I felt would capture not only their features but their character and soul too. Due to medium of social media I came across Samantha Biddle, I could see from her portfolio this was a seriously talented lady! She listened to my requests, she made amendments (such as the addition of their favourite toy) and kept me posted and checked I was happy with every detail. The result is so incredible, it is like someone took a photograph not a painting…the detail, colours, light and cheeky characters all present. We are so pleased and would recommend her services to anyone wanting their ‘family member’ (pet!) captured in a completely unique and one-off stunning work of art. Thank you Sam!!

Anita Sinclair

I was delighted to receive this painting as a gift, and it was even more poignant when my beautiful Bonnie died during lockdown. She was my everything, and more throughout that lonely time and to loose her was more painful than ever. 

I moved this painting from my living room into my bedroom and every morning I would open my eyes and see her face. Sam has found her soul and got to know Bonnie, using different photo’s she was able to put together her character, asking me to tell her stories, and experiences.  Then she took those memories and encapsulate it on canvas. I have so many photo’s on my phone, but turning them into art, every stroke filled with love is something very special. I am for ever grateful for this gift, and the talents of Sam Biddle. It is more than art, it is memories and love she paints.

Marja Brown

What happens if I don’t like the portrait?

You don’t have to pay the balance, I will use the portrait in my social and online promotions so all is not lost.

Deposit is non-refundable, especially if I have started the work, however if the reason is agreeable, I would prefer you to leave this experience happy, and I will return the deposit. I keep your deposit in a separate account, and if I can’t do the portrait for any reason, I will refund it.

Why do you need to pay a deposit at all?

This covers the cost of any materials I have used and time and the planning of the portrait for you. I take about 2-3 days to complete a panting, and longer for an original canvas. My hourly rate is negligible. A deposit shows a commitment by you in this process, and an agreement between the both of us. I am not a gigantic business, and it is just me and your pet. Everything is hand drawn and not computer generated. Sadly, the deposit results from other people’s actions. If there is no reply once I completed the painting, that is 3 days away from someone else’s pet portrait. I am sure you understand.

I look forward to meeting your pet. 

Oh Sam! That’s fantastic, It looks so like her! It’s made me smile. Thank you soooooo much, I honestly can’t get across to you how much this means to me. You have captured Lulu so perfectly.

She’s gonna go at the head of the table in the dining room and I can still see her from my seat in the front room.

Kirsty Douglas

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