I have always had a love for hares. Throughout time hares have been considered as sacred animals by many different kinds of people. It was said the Queen Boudicca prayed to a hare goddess before going into battle. The Saxons also worshipped a hare goddess.

As mentioned in Loopy Luna, I have a deep love of hares. This is my second painting of what I am hoping is to become a set of hare paintings. While Loopy Luna sits calmly in the water. This hare is far more cautious. Ears pricked and alert, this hare is far less comfortable in his surroundings.

Hares are associated with fertility and the start of spring, seeing a hare, particularly one gazing at the moon is still considered good luck today. It’s about re-birth and growth, something that I have been doing a lot of lately as I move from nails into art.

Painted on my iPad, this is digital art which will be printed onto canvas. it will come as a canvas, the image is wrapped around the edge and has no frame.


  • 60 x 30cm
  • 100 x 50 cm


Available as an A4 Print

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