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I want everyone to be able to access art, and sometimes we don’t want to hang it on the walls of our homes or offices. We want to wear it, enjoy it on a mug, admire it every time we pick up our phone or just sit on it (cushion covers). So I have made the decision to allow some of my digital art to be downloaded and you get to choose where you want to enjoy it. 

Download your next work of art and print it on anything!

You can print the image at your local or online print store. It saves you money on both printing and shipping, plus you have the flexibility to print on anything, such as phone cases, mugs, bags and t-shirts and other fabrics – as well as canvas and poster prints.


You will receive a high resolution image file. The file can be printed on canvas, poster, mug, coaster etc. You can print and frame your painting at home by yourself or can get it done in a local print shop.

Photos show a representation of how they could be styled, pictures do not come framed or mounted. Some sizes within the room examples might not be exact representation, although we make every effort to keep it so.


A Digital file:

You will receive your digital file to download and print, in either Jpeg or PNG.  If you would like a different format please contact me. If I have your preferred format available, I will send this to you by email.

There is NO Printed copy and nothing will be posted to your address if you select this option, check other listings for print options.

  • **You will receive a High Quality PRINT from my original digital painting.
  • **You may print the file for personal use ONLY ( strictly not for resale)
  • **Note: this is not a print, but a digital image.
  • **Colours may differ slightly from those you see on your screen as different devices display colours with different intensity.


Who Created These?

Samantha Biddle

I’m a Creative who helps others find their artistic mojo, I have been teaching art and design super skills to nail professionals worldwide, yes seriously all over the world, there are men and women who paint fingernails with intricate works of art, and I get to teach them.

That is my day job, my alter ego is a digital art ninja. Working with my iPad and pencil wasn’t how I started. I started creating art using pixels and hex codes way back before the turn of the century…sadly I am that old.

Venturing out and sharing is some scary kind of shit, because each piece has some emotional intention behind it. Don’t ask me what, but there is some truth behind the words ‘it comes from the heart.’

Do you like what you see, but want something special for your space. I specialise in unique, and always ready to create something perfect for you. Remember this is digital art, so I can make any of these canvases larger or smaller, or create something amazingly massive for you. Commercial or in the home, all you need to do is get in touch. we can discuss what you need. Please email me your ideas and images of the area. Plus the style of the room.

Thanks Sam x

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